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5156973_orig10 years ago, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen took to the screen in Christmas with the Kranks, a film adaptation of John Grisham’s holiday novel, Skipping Christmas. It also happens that last night this hilarious holiday feature was being aired last night on one of America’s well-known drama network, Lifetime. I watched this to kick off the Christmas season with my best friend. As always, I loved and laughed at it so much. This movie has everything from hysterical physical gags, to fun scenarios, to heart warming messages about what Christmas is really about, making this film a great feature to watch with your family at this time of the season. The plot follows the story of Luther and Nora Krank who plan on skipping Christmas to take a cruise because their daughter would not be home and because they spent so much on the holiday the last few years. Immediately after the decision to skip Christmas is made, hilarity ensues. From making their friends and neighbors angry because they were cancelling their annual holiday Christmas Eve party to Luther getting Botox and Nora having a humorous tanning experience and eventually leading to angry mobs coming to there house demanding them to “FREE FROSTY!” and decorate for the season. Needless to say, the humor is endless and I was laughing to the point of tears many times. Eventually the plot twists to the Kranks getting a mysterious phone call from their daughter saying she is on her way home and would be at their door by 8 pm Christmas Eve…just in time for the [cancelled] party. Of course this starts a panic in the Krank household for Nora. Luther is just upset the cruise is not going to happen, so he goes into mope mode. The humor is never-ending in the final scenes when Luther has to borrow a neighbors tree because there were no more for sale with the boy scouts, Nora has to “fight” people at the local grocery store for a Hickory Ham that in the end gets flattened by a semi truck, and eventually Luther almost gets arrested, falls off the roof while decorating, and breaks Frosty. All before the daughter gets home. In the end, every thing works out, and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside because of its message of how important family and friends are at the holiday season. I highly recommend you watch this movie during the holiday season. It is a great family movie, there is no off color humor or language to worry about. It is great fun for all ages. It might even make you think about your own family and what you go through every year, and what would happen if you actually tried to skip Christmas.